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Here we discuss information about MPWRD, there is no need to tell you that MPWRD means Madhya Pradesh Water Resources Department. Without wasting your time, we will know what MPWRD does and what benefits the state gets from it. We are telling you this because if you have come to this page, it means that you have information about MPWRD. If you do not have information, then at the end of the article we have told what MPWRD is.

What Does The MPWRD Do?

MPWRD was earlier known as Irrigation Department and now its present name is Water Resources Department, monitoring and maintaining all the water resources projects going on in the state and also the water resources of the rivers/valleys along the inter-state border. To protect the rights of the state during partition.

It is also known for maintaining all the irrigation projects running in the board and reconstructing them if they get damaged. It is decided by the board itself that what quantity of water should reach the farmers and this board does the work of providing potable water to the homes.

Apart from all these works of this board, construction of water resources projects, flood control work, repair or reconstruction of reservoirs and canals damaged during cyclones.

Full Form Of MPWRD 

MPWRD whose full form is Madhya Pradesh Water Resources Department. The main function of this board is to complete and maintain the supply of water resources in the state. There are many benefits of water, it is used for irrigation, industrial sector, there are various departments in the board for water maintenance-

  • Water Resources Department (WRD)
  • Public Health and Engineering Department (PHED)
  • Narmada Valley Development Department (NVDD)
  • Panchayat and Rural Development Department
  • Power Department
  • Agriculture Department and Agriculture – Engineering Department
  • Fisheries Department
  • Forest Department
  • Tourism Department

Madhya Pradesh has five River Basins namely:

  • Ganga (Yamuna Basin)
  • Narmada
  • Tapti
  • Mahi, and
  • Wainganga (part of Godavari Basin)